After the bid opening session in May 2021, the official Concession Agreement Signing for the Development and Economic Use of the Zagreb Deep Sea Container Terminal (ZDSCT) in the Port of Rijeka (Croatia) has taken place in Rijeka at Friday 5th of November 11:00 am.

As PRA’s Transaction Advisor for this project, MTBS was present at the Concession Agreement Signing ceremony, where the Concessionaire (APM TERMINALS / ENNA LOGIC Consortium) was represented by Mr. Morten Engelstoft and and Mr. Pavao Vujnovac and the PRA by Mr. Denis Vukorepa. The Concession is granted for a period of fifty years.

Within the coming period, the concessionaire is obligated to invest in the remaining infrastructure, superstructure and equipment for the Phase 1 and Phase 2 of ZDSCT. The latter phase includes the construction of a 280-meter quay extension resulting in a 680-meter deep sea quay.

For further information visit the Port of Rijeka Authority’s website.