Framing the solution

MTBS is the leading international finance and business strategy consultant in port business solutions

We advise public and private clients regarding financing, strategy, transactions, and business cases. Most importantly, we add value. Since the very start, MTBS has chosen complex markets for expansion. Our creative solutions are implemented successfully in areas where globalisation fuels growth.

Maritime & Transport Business Solutions

At the interface of public and private interest and the intersection of the sea and land,
where cargo and business come together,
where value needs to be created,

MTBS is there.

Maritime & Transport Business Solutions About

When money changes hands, when life gets complex, when the interests are big,
we are there to help our clients, and unravel this complex matter.

Our approach is to specialise in the sector that we know so well, rather than to provide generic services across all industries and commerce.
This is where we have a clear advantage over our competitors.

Our Team

MTBS Team Bernice Hiltrop

Bernice Hiltrop


MTBS Team Patrick Uyttendaele

Patrick Uyttendaele

Senior Partner

MTBS Team Sacha Dijksman

Sacha Dijksman

Commercial Assistant

MTBS Team Robert Schot


Senior Manager

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We are:


We are always looking to add value
for our clients


We love what we do and operate at a high,
international level


With over 100 years of port strategy and financial knowledge, we know the business like no other


There where the challenges are the greatest, our creative and innovative solutions help our clients to a higher level

unlocking value in the maritime industry


International Focus

On the interface of land and water, positioned between public and private interests, ports are the most strategic nodes in global transport networks. Our feet are firmly planted in the Dutch clay, but we use our extensive knowledge and love of ports to help public and private port partners all over the world. We know the intersection of water and land like no other.

MTBS has a strong presence in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa, and is growing worldwide with projects in LATAM, Asia, and most developing region across the globe. MTBS experts travel frequently, offering local service with global experience.

We believe that ports offer a unique value proposition. It is our mission to unlock and protect this value by offering our clients the best business solutions and by creating quality profits. MTBS is the global market leader in ports and terminals, including logistics centers, inland ports, free zones, export processing zones, inland waterways, and related transport industry companies and stakeholders.

MTBS expertise:

  • Port strategy
  • Business consultancy
  • Port concession transactions
  • Advice on financing
  • Consultancy on tenders
  • Feasibility studies
  • Port masterplanning
  • Market analyses
  • Port operations efficiency