Change in the Board of Directors at Maritime & Transport Business Solutions B.V. (MTBS)

MTBS is pleased to announce that per October 1st 2019 Mr. Anthony van der Hoest and Mr. Victor van Leengoed will form the Board of Directors.

Mr. Victor van Leengoed is appointed as Director of MTBS. He will be responsible for the execution of the consultancy assignments. He has 18 years of relevant experience in the port sector, of which 10 years at MTBS. Mr. van Leengoed remarked “I am very excited to accept this role. MTBS was created by the insight and innovative thinking of its founders. Continuous commitment from the colleagues who dedicate themselves to the success of MTBS every single day moved us towards a globally leading financial and strategy advisory firm in the port sector. Together with our esteemed clients and colleagues, we look forward to continuing to shape the future of our firm and for our clients.”

Mr. Anthony van der Hoest will remain Director of MTBS and resume responsibility for the commercial duties within the company. Mr. van der Hoest has 17 years of relevant experience in the port sector.

Mr. Paul van Eulem and Mr. Frank Luisman will resign from the Board of Directors and remain committed to the development of MTBS as Senior Partners, jointly with Mr. Patrick Uyttendaele. Mr. Luisman and Mr. van Eulem will continue to serve on a full-time basis as Commercial Executives of MTBS.

These changes have been implemented through a planned and deliberate transition involving the management over several years to identify, recruit, and train personnel to ensure the new team was fully prepared for their new roles.

Paul van Eulem, Senior Partner of MTBS stated “Our goal has been to put in place a leadership transition plan that would allow the company to seamlessly accomplish this renewal. Considerable effort was made to ensure the proper planning and training occurred for a successful outcome for both the short- and long-term success of the organization. We are confident we have achieved that today”.

(Picture from left to right: Patrick Uyttendaele, Paul van Eulem, Victor van Leengoed, Anthony van der Hoest and Frank Luisman)