MTBS and partners kick-off Abu Tartour Project

On Monday 13th of March, MTBS and its partners officially started the Abu Tartour Project in Egypt. The Abu Tartour Port is located near Al Safaga, on the Egyptian Red Sea Coast. Abu Tartour Port is currently focused on the export of phosphate rock. The Government of Egypt wants to further develop Abu Tartour Port through PPP implementation; the facilities of the port should be upgraded and the cargo volume mix should be expanded.

MTBS was selected by the European Investment Bank (EIB) and the IFC as the Consultant to provide Technical Assistance to the Arab Republic of Egypt, which is represented by the PPP Central Unit and the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Industry (MTI) in this Project. MTBS will undertake a strategic and technical due diligence in order to assess the viability of the Project. MTBS will also assist with the preparation of tender documentation and support the transaction and negotiations process.