Last year November, MTBS finished a market assessment to identify prospective maritime investment opportunities in Equatorial Guinea. Specifically, a bottom-up market analysis was done on the potential of the ports of Malabo and Bata. The MTBS team visited the Administración Puertos de Guinea Ecuatorial (APGE) in both ports. In addition, multiple stakeholders were interviewed to gather full understanding of the various sectors in the country. Stakeholders ranged from ministries, customs to port operators and the Chambre of Commerce and its members in both parts if the country (i.e. Bioko and Rio Muni).

The market outlook by the MTBS team covered a period of 2022 to 2050 and entailed a wide variety of commodities (i.e. containers and timber export) as well as broad hinterland markets (e.g. Cameroon, Gabon, CAR and Chad).

Photo Source: Ahora EG