MTBS Delivers the Final Feasibility and Conceptual Master Plan Report for the Deep-Sea Port of Ondo to the Governor of Ondo State, Nigeria

On the 24th of January 2019, MTBS handed over the Final Feasibility Report for the development of a new deep-sea port in Ondo State to the state’s Governor. The report was handed over during a Community and Stakeholders Forum held at the DOME in Akure. The Forum was attended by the Ondo State Executive Council and stakeholders from the coastal communities. The event was dedicated to the recent progression that Ondo State has made in terms of infrastructure and business development. The highlight of the day was MTBS’ presentation about the development of the Deep-Sea Port of Ondo.

The Final Feasibility and Conceptual Master Plan Report addresses the Port of Ondo’s market potential, the project location, the port design, layout and capacity requirements as well as the institutional, regulatory, financial and economic feasibility of the Port of Ondo.

The port has an innovative design and would be the first so-called ‘artificial island port’ in West Africa. The Port of Ondo will create opportunities for Ondo State developing new jobs and attracting new businesses. In addition, the port better enables the state to export its well-endowed mineral and agricultural resources but will also provide a new, centrally located, maritime gateway to Nigeria.