MTBS formally delivers the new 10-year Business Plan to Karachi Port Trust (KPT)

On Tuesday 28 March 2017, MTBS officially presented and submitted the Final 10-year Business Plan and Strategic Development Plan Report to the Management Board of KPT. The project is part of the World Bank funded Karachi Port Improvement Project (KPIP).

According to the KPT Chairman as mentioned in his closing speech, the submission of the KPT Business Plan and Strategic Development Plan represents a major milestone for the KPT. The business plan will provide KPT the tools and guiding principles in realizing her strategic objectives over the next ten years and beyond. Specifically, it enables the KPT to continue the transition towards a modern landlord port, ensure financial sustainability while investing in port development and connecting infrastructure, develop the competitive position of the port and to enhance the facilities in and around port.

It has become clear that Karachi port offers a unique growth potential for the upcoming future, serving a market of more than 200 million inhabitants in a fast developing economy. With significant port development projects to be implemented in Karachi port in the next years, it will become a focus area for the large international port and terminal operating companies, that will help further boosting the performance of the port.