MTBS starts field visits for World Bank study on Eastern and Southern African Port Sector

On Monday the 13th of November, MTBS started a field visit trip for the World Bank study on the Eastern and Southern African port sector. The objective of this study is to prepare an institutional assessment, strategic market analysis, and capacity assessment for 15 major ports of Eastern and Southern Africa. In addition, an assessment of the port-city interface in the relevant cities is carried out and the degree of vertical and horizontal integration in these ports is analysed.

As part of the study, MTBS currently conducts field visits with relevant organisations in the project region, in order to gather quantitative and qualitative information on the port sector and its developments which will help to further enhance the study. The ports included in the scope are Djibouti, Berbera, Mombasa, Dar es Salaam, Nacala,  Beira, Maputo, Durban, East London, and the greenfield port project in Lamu, Kenya. In addition, the study includes several ports located on the Indian Ocean islands: Malindi (Zanzibar), Moroni (Comoros), Toamasina and Mahajanga (Madagascar), and Port Louis (Mauritius).