Northern extension of Port of Valencia requires investment of EUR 1.0 B

Northern extension of Port of Valencia requires investment of EUR 1.0 B

The Port Authority of Valencia (APV) plans to launch a public tender for the logistic activities zone (ZAL). The president of the Port Authority of Valencia, Aurelio Martínez, stated on April 20th that the Northern extension of the Valencia Port will require an investment of approximately EUR 1.0 B, which is to be financed by both public and private entities. Furthermore, Mr. Martínez affirmed that the APV is preparing the details and bid specifications for the tender, which could even be approved by this summer.

While the Port Authority is looking for possible operators that can undertake this investment in exchange for the exploitation of the future container terminal, the Dutch consultancy firm MTBS has already completed its feasibility study for the expansion project. The new terminal will be made in the northern part of the port and will have a linear quay of nearly two kilometres capable of facilitating ultra large container vessels with capacities over 25,000 TEU. This new terminal is realised by moving the cruise ship facility to the facilities of the shipyard Union Naval Valencia, which also has berthing facilities for other passenger ships.

Regarding the ZAL, Martínez assured that the commercialisation of the ZAL will be decided in a public contest in a transparent and fair tender to choose the future terminal operator of the site. Regarding the conflict with expropriators of the land, Martínez indicated that the negotiations between Consell and residents are not affecting the works in the logistics area.

Source: Levante

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