Site analysis for a new deep-water port in Guyana due early 2019

Site analysis for a new deep-water port in Guyana due early 2019

In the first quarter of 2019, the Government of Guyana expects to have a clearer idea of where to site the deep-water port, and an even better understanding of what is required to make the Guyana – Brazil Land Transport Link a reality.

The Government of Guyana is currently working with the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) via a Technical Cooperation Agreement to advance the Guyana-Brazil Land Transport Link and Deepwater Port. According to the IDB, the recently concluded market study has paved the way for Guyana to move closer towards this goal.

At present, three companies have been engaged and are working simultaneously to help move various aspects of the project into fruition. “The results of the three studies which will help the government of Guyana make a well-founded decision will be completed by early 2019.”

According to IDB, Maritime & Transport Business Solutions (MTBS) is working to help the government of Guyana determine the optimal location of a deep-water port in Guyana. “The firm will prepare business case scenarios for the four potential sites, undertake financial and economic option analyses, and subsequently develop a proposal and preliminary design for the development of a selected option.”

There will also be strategic environmental and social studies by the RINA Group. “This study will include identification and analysis of key environmental priorities, challenges and opportunities, diagnosis of the environmental institutional and governance framework, and assessment of the most important environmental and social constraints bearing on the performance of the project.” The analysis and its recommendations are expected to provide valuable complementary information to support comprehensive decisions on possible strategic opportunities and cooperation.”

Lastly, the Guyana-Brazil Border study by Estudios, Proyectos y Planificación (EPYPSA) is expected to provide the ministry with sound technical expertise regarding the Lethem border crossing being an integral element of a future land transport link between Guyana and Brazil. The firm will assess the functionality of the current infrastructure at Lethem, conduct mapping of the control processes and agencies involved in regulation of international trade flows, assess the information technology, identify trade policy instruments, and make recommendations on international good practices, trade policy and improvements that could boost the efficiency of the Lethem border crossing.

Source: Kaieteur News (Guyanese Newspaper)

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