National Port Master Plan – Sri Lanka


In 2016, MTBS took on a leading role in the consortium responsible for the development of a unified strategy in the form of a National Port Masterplan (NPMP) for the Sri Lanka Port Authority (SLPA). NPMP are challenging projects because they require the coordination of both local and national port activities, strategies, and investments. In the context of Sri Lanka, we were tasked with the development of National Port Directions, outlining long-term economic development strategies for SLPA. In addition, we provided our client with individual development plans for the seaports of Colombo and Trincomalee.

Project Details


November 2016 – March 2019


Asian Development Bank (ADB)




Sri Lanka –  Asia

MTBS is engaged by the ADB to carry out the Sri Lanka National Port Master Plan


Our detailed approach to NPMPs resulted in a coherent long-term strategy for the management of the, enabling our client to coordinate activities and investments in national port sector in Sri Lanka. In addition, our scope of work included a prioritized overview of projects for further logistics and connectivity improvements. In doing so, we were able to successfully contribute to the economic development of an significant market.

MTBS Added Value

The expertise which we have accumulated in over 15 years in the sector have made the development of NPMP our bread-and-butter. We boast extensive knowledge on the topic of national port-strategy coordination, enabling us to provide our clients with successful solutions for long-term economic growth.