[PRESS RELEASE] Port Finance International (PFI) launches its new website

Today we are happy and proud to announce the launch of the new website of Port Finance International: www.portfinanceinternational.com

The new website marks a new era for Port Finance International (PFI) as the optimal platform connecting the Port and the Finance industry. Since 2009, PFI has been a successful organizer of conferences and courses around the world. It has successfully brought together people from the port and finance industry from different regions on a theme that connected them: “how to finance ports?”.  PFI Conferences were organized for large groups of attendants in countries like the UK, Turkey, the Netherlands, and Brazil. Moreover, through its knowledge partner Maritime & Transport Business Solutions (MTBS), PFI brought high-class courses on Port Finance & Public Private Partnership, Port & Terminal Concessions, and Port Feasibility & Valuation to top locations like London, Dubai, Amsterdam, Singapore, Istanbul, and Rotterdam.

By late 2016, MTBS became the new owner of PFI with the aim to further develop PFI as a first-class networking and knowledge firm for the port and finance industries. Building on over 8 years of successful forums and training courses around the world, all focused on delivering highly targeted knowledge and information on global port and terminal investments and developments, PFI is now excited to announce through its new website the launch of the new, invitation-basis only, PFI Port Finance Summit for 2018. This exclusive Summit provides senior executives from the port and the finance industry the selective platform for high-level networking and exchange of ideas and business opportunities. The PFI Port Finance Summit 2018, organized by PFI in London, will provide the only international platform designed to bring the port industry’s C-level executives together to facilitate high-level networking, to engage in in-depth discussions, and above all to explore and forge profitable business opportunities. With diverse perspectives from global port investors, developers of port projects, sellers and buyers of port assets, throughout this one-day Summit, we’ll take an in-depth look at the projects and industry dynamics that are spurring growth and development around the globe.

In addition to the new website, the PFI Port Finance Course, and the PFI Port Finance Summit, the PFI LinkedIn Group is providing the forum for keeping up to date with the complex and exciting port & financial markets. The PFI LinkedIn Group provides a vivid exchange of selective news articles from the port & finance industry, lively discussions investigating the challenges associated with financing and managing major port investments and developments, and event updates on courses and summits organized by PFI. The PFI LinkedIn Group is open to all LinkedIn members and is aimed at senior executives within port and terminal operating companies, as well as consulting, banking, legal and corporate finance experts from around the world. All members of the PFI LinkedIn Group enjoy interesting benefits like discounts to attend PFI Courses as well.

Please visit our website www.portfinanceinternational.com to learn more about the PFI Courses, the PFI Port Finance Summit, and the PFI LinkedIn Group.

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