On Monday March 22, 2021 a new procurement procedure is launched for granting a Concession for Development and Economic Use of the Zagreb Deep Sea Container Terminal (ZDSCT) in the Port of Rijeka, Croatia. The Port of Rijeka Authority (PRA) published the tender documentation on Electronic Public Procurement Classifieds of the Republic of Croatia (https://eojn.nn.hr/). The PRA organizes the procurement process, with support of MTBS as transaction advisor, which is an open public bidding lasting till April 26, 2021.

After the bidding deadline, a 50-year concession contract is to be signed by the PRA and the winning bidder. The concession is awarded for the performance of specific activities in the Port of Rijeka as a port opened for public transport of special (international) economic interest for the Republic of Croatia, for the purpose of (i) execution of Phase 1+1A Works and Phase 2 Works; (ii) possible execution of Phase 3 Works; and (iii) using the structures so developed and/or equipped for the performance of port activities relating to loading, unloading, transhipment, transport and storage of containers, RoRo cargo operations and all other activities incidental or related thereto.

For further information visit the Port of Rijeka Authority’s website.