Rijeka Gateway, formed by the APM TERMINALS / ENNA LOGIC Consortium, officially took charge of the new deep-sea container terminal in Rijeka on Monday, June 26th 2023. This marks the beginning of the fifty-year concession contract between the Port of Rijeka Authority (PRA) and Rijeka Gateway. The concession includes the construction of a 280-meter quay extension, resulting in a total deep-sea berth length of 680-meter.

Over the years, MTBS and Vukić & Partners served as PRA’s Transaction Advisors for this interesting project. The terminal’s takeover represents one of the final steps in the establishment and the successful implementation of the Rijeka Gateway project from the perspective of the Rijeka Port Authority.

In November 2021, Rijeka Gateway signed a concession agreement to design, construct and operate the Rijeka Gateway Container Terminal on Croatia’s North Adriatic coast.

All the necessary conditions have been met by both the PRA and the concessionaire, ensuring that the concession contract is now in effect. The Consortium’s construction preparations have begun, with expectations that the terminal will become fully operational by the first quarter of 2025.