Start Concession Tender Process for Ukrainian Ports of Kherson and Olvia

The Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine has officially started the tender procedures for Kherson and Olvia concession projects.

The tender procedures, which will be conducted in accordance with existing legislation, were started with the publication in the newspaper Uriadovyi Kurier of the first tender announcement. This publication opens the door for any potentially interested company to download the tender documentation for Kherson and Olvia free of charge and begin its review.

In accordance with existing legislation, the 60 day period for the preparation and submission of tender proposals begins following the second publication of the tender announcement, which will be published in the newspaper Golos Ukrainy in mid-October.

Both concession projects have received a high level of attention from the Ukrainian President Zelensky, Prime Minister Goncharuk and the Minister of Infrastructure Krykliy. This support sends a powerful signal to the investor community that the new President and Government are committed to the Kherson and Olvia pilot concession projects.

A Road Show is planned on October 1st, 2019 at Bristol Hotel in Odesa, Ukraine. This event will be chaired by the Minister of Infrastructure of Ukraine ‎Vladyslav Krykliy and is expected to be attended by the Minister of Economy Tymofey Mylovanov, representatives of Parliament and President’s Administration, as well as heads of Kherson ‎and Mykolaiv regional and municipal governments.

The preliminary format of the Road Show includes two sessions (Click here to register for the Road Show):

  • a general session during which Government representatives will present their vision for the development of the seaport sector, with a particular focus on the concession mechanism and potential projects; and,
  • a project-specific session during which IFC, EBRD and their consultants will provide potential bidders with detailed information about the Olvia and Kherson concession projects, with a particular focus on the description of the tender process.

For more information on the tenders, please contact Mr. Timmermans or Mr. van Niekerk.