Venice Port Authority and MTBS Kick Off Venice Port Master Plan

The Venice Port Authority (VPA) commissioned Maritime & Transport Business Solutions (MTBS) together with D’Appolonia, Acquatecno and Studio Paola Vigano to prepare a port master plan with a focus to increase the competitiveness of the Port of Venice.   The Port of Venice is strategically located at the top end of the Adriatic Sea, at the intersection of the main European transport corridors. It is in a position to act as the European gateway for trade flows to and from Asia. To achieve this, investments are needed for restructuring, maintaining, and constructing the port infrastructure.

The port master plan will be used to determine how to allocate the investments.   The services offered by MTBS are the development of a traffic forecast for all activities in the port (containers, cruise, dry bulk (minerals, cement), breakbulk, liquid bulk and RoRo), to perform an in-depth assessment of the existing operational and infrastructural bottlenecks, to provide a zoning plan for the re-design of the port layout, to perform a financial and economic feasibility study of the preferred development option, and finally to provide a detailed Masterplan for the Port of Venice.